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why kids yoga?

It starts with curiosity and fun, and transforms into kids who are empowered emotionally, physically and mentally.

The specific benefits that each child will take from yoga will be unique to that child.

types of kids yoga

Children learn in different ways so at Om Yoga we offer a range of kids classes (3 yrs - 18 yrs) based on their age and needs. 

We offer group and family classes as well as individual classes for special needs children. 

How do we teach?

We introduce the world of yoga through "play" yoga and experience how their breath and body move together in a fun filled way.

Through mindful, meditative and reflective practices kids discover what their bodies are capable of and what they can achieve.

Classes include breathing and warm up, yoga poses flow, mindful games / activity and relaxation.


about Ingrid Keller

Yoga is a beautiful practice: it empowers and guides us to become one with our bodies, minds and heart.

I began my yoga journey over nine years ago and have been practising ever since. It has helped me learn presence, patience, how to breathe and listen to my body but, most importantly, it has taught me the practise of self -love. 

Fast forward to today, I now have two young daughters who live in a world that puts increasing demands on children to achieve. Watching them deal with these often-overwhelming challenges made me realise that yoga can play an integral part in their daily lives. By teaching them how to live in the moment, focus on the task at hand and handle problems peacefully, I would be able to give them skills that would go beyond coping in a classroom or on the sports field. 

It is thanks to my girls and their keen interest to join me and be part of a yoga practice that inspired my journey to focus on children’s yoga. I have been teaching children for over a year now and it has been the most rewarding and inspiring experience as we learn and grow together. 

Through Blissful Kids I achieved my RYT 200 hours in Advanced Kids Yoga (certified by Yoga Alliance), specialising in children who have special needs. I have designed various creative sequences with intentional themes that emphasise the importance of alignment, mindfulness and breathing techniques and I’m pleased to say that the results have been most gratifying.

I am honoured to teach through Om Yoga. My goal is twofold – firstly, it is to bring balance, awareness and happiness into other people’s lives and, secondly, to encourage parents to look at meditation and yoga as a complementary therapy when it comes to providing a holistic, healthy development programme for their children. Love and light, Ingrid 

Hope abounds. Love will triumph. Namaste.


Photo by Vale Simantob